Secure your Business with
First German Escrow

FGE is a Software Escrow Agent specialized in depositing validated Source Codes.


Software Escrow means deposit of the source code of mission critical software into an account held by a third party, an escrow agent.


Source Code Escrow

FGE protects your intellectual property, mission critical material, source codes, high technologies and licensed software applications with validated deposits.


First German Escrow (FGE) Norbert Ritz

First German Escrow (FGE) is a worldwide and independent working Intellectual Property Escrow Agent since 23 years.


What does FGE do

FGE is acting as a neutral institution and trustee for software develepors and large IT end users in depositing and verifying source code


FGE`s Expertise and Quality

With sourcecode escrow two issues are of high importance :
a quality deposit and the legal right to use it.

Why should you opt for FGE ?

and a deposit with FGE guarantees continuity of use of your software
and replacing the software is not possible without incurring considerable costs
and this gives everybody a considerable peace of mind.

These are the important points again

The relationsship between the licensor and licensee strengthens
when an escrow agreement is signed.

Peace of mind

An Escrow Contract symbolizes the licensor`s commitment to the licensee`s need for uninterrupted support. This gives everybody a considerable peace of mind.

Active Escrow

FGE becomes activ, if deposits or updates are missing or if parameters have changed and the fruit of the deposit is in danger.

Investor Escrow

Investor Escrow is used where a financial investor ( person, bank or venture capitalist) of software development is in need of security.

Escrow Contract

When both the investor and licensor have agreed on the escrow contract, they both sign and send it to FGE for signature. The licensor makes its deposits on a regular basis during product development and couriers it to FGE.

Industrial Escrow

Many business processes are depending on embedded software, software integrated technologies, on electronical developments, industrial formulas, telematik, control units, black-boxes, state-of-the-art tools or other vital know-how, which are not in the hands of the customer or licencee, but in the secret hands of the electronic supplier or licensor. FGE offers Industrial Escrow.

Who is standing behind

First German Escrow was founded by long experienced international Account Manager Norbert Ritz, who worked for a leading escrow agent in Europe, Escrow Europe. He was the "first" software escrow agent in Germany, starting in March 2000 in Duesseldorf. You should choose FGE in "first" instance when source code escrow is needed. You can be honestly certain.